Thursday, February 18, 2010

Resources, info and inspiration for portrait artists

The April edition of The Artist's Magazine, available now for pre order, is chock full of info, resources and inspiration for portrait artists.

The issue,  which highlights portraiture today with 4 bold approaches, also includes my in-depth features on two talented and in-demand portrait artists: Casey Baugh and Steven Polson.  "Starstruck" gives a behind the canvas take on Polsen's technique and prowess for painting some of the foremost political figures of our time, including Madeline Albright and Colin Powell;  "Practice makes Perfect," explains Casey Baugh's fastidious approach of working up a number of smaller studies, incorporating modern technology and meticulously paying  attention to every facet of composition, light and color harmonies when painting his compelling figuratives of women.

This portrait issue is a stunner by all accounts, beginning with the cover, which is a cropped close up of Baugh's mesmerizing "Yellow," a painting that he says was born from his desire   to use more intense color. Baugh's article includes an 8-step tutorial of his process. Polson's feature divulges secrets of craft and a progression of his painting of former secretary of state, Colin Powell.

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