Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dorian Vallejo: Dream Maker

DORIAN VALLEJO's ART, while rooted in realist principles, strays beyond the  literal--encouraging viewers to interact with his paintings, probe beyond the surface and uncover their deeper, multi-layered significance. 

Illustrating a world of fantasy, or recording dreams, this contemporary master  has developed a distinctive voice by honing his compositions through hundreds of sketches and paintings.  And taking as his muse, the female ideal, his newest series is a tour de force appropriately titled The Dream Within a Dream.  

You can catch a tantalizing peek of some of his new and never-before-seen work from the collection in the fall issue of The Artist's Magazine. It was my pleasure to interview Dorian for that feature. His work and words are inspirational! 
Dreamer Inbetween  (Oil 62 x 60) Dorian Vallejo

Thread (graphite and watercolor 22 x 31) Dorian Vallejo

2 comments: said...

Lovely work. His dreams are peaceful I guess. Mine are more like rough alleys.

Louise B. Hafesh said...

Hi WR,
Welcome back… Have missed you!