Thursday, February 13, 2014

Women Painting Women: (R)evolution

While the feminine muse has long been a source of inspiration for works created by painters of both genders, traditionally (especially from a male perspective), women have been represented as passive subjects, sexual props, or mere objects of beauty. Today, that mindset is changing as an increasing number of women artists redefine their dual roles as creators and models. These artists not only embrace the female viewpoint, but also thrust it into an arena wherein it has long been overlooked. As a result, women are painting women—regionally, nationally, and internationally—and thanks to the efforts of three artists/bloggers, (Sadie J. Valeri, Alia el-Bermani and Diane Feissel) the art world is taking notice.

For the full story about the WPW blog and the international movement it has spurred, check out the April issue of The Artist''s Magazine, which includes my article  entitled, Women Painting Women: (R)evolution. 

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