Thursday, December 30, 2010

THROUGH the EYES of an ARTIST... Counting my Blessings!

Spellbound, I watched in awe as a master created a magnificent work of art. Using a prismatic palette of glowing Cadmiums, rich purples and soothing blues ranging from Cerulean to Indigo, in the artist’s hands, splashes of golden orange and pink morphed into bands of Azure blue in a glorious Acapulco sunset.

Privy to God’s beautiful handiwork on this enchanting Christmas Eve, it gave me pause to reflect on the many gifts we artists are handed.

Unique vision, imagination, individual ability to express that which comes from the soul and the freedom and joy of working in a field that we love, are but a few endowments we are privileged to share. And while creativity is an enigma that can easily be taken for granted, especially on those magical days when it just flows from within through the brushes and onto the canvas, or from the chisel to the heart of the stone, reality keeps us grounded every time we struggle to find the muse or worse, get bogged down in the mire of overworked details.

Grappling with process aside, surely we are a privileged lot! In the words of Camille Pissarro: “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” Give yourself a gift in 2011. Resolve to be true to your calling; embrace that vibrant inner vision.

Here’s wishing you a peaceful New Year overflowing with fulfilled hopes, blessings and pleasant surprises. 

Color your world,

P.S. Every year I highlight New Year tips and goals for artists. Please leave a comment or share one of your trade secrets for inclusion.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Memories of Mom

"Nanny's Pansies" 12 x 12, Oil on Linen
Every November for the past five years, I have paid tribute to my late mother during her birth month by  exhibiting my work in a celebration of life and the art of giving. This year's exhibition, "Holiday Treasures: Art for a good Cause"  is held once again in the stylish, lovingly restored 3-story home turned full service salon, Mane on Madison (MOM) Salon at 238 Madison Avenue,  Wyckoff. 

Tucked away on a quiet street near town center, and exquisitely decorated by owners Paul and Rose, Mane on Madison is the ideal venue to showcase 18 of my recent paintings, including: Nanny's Pansies, so titled after the  affectionate name given my Brit mom by her grandchildren. 
Mom was a talented pianist and performer, who never let cancer dim her joy for living life to its fullest. That included giving concerts "To cheer the old folk" at a senior residence up until one week before her passing at age eighty-two. 

Proud to have served in the Royal Air Force, where she met my father, a yank in the American Air Force, mom was a pioneer in every sense of the word, and after her tour of duty in WWII, she went on to become a successful entrepreneur at a time when women rarely ventured into that male-dominated world. In honor of her verve and spirit, this year's exhibit will be a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists who are fighting to end breast cancer forever.  A portion of proceeds from all paintings sold will be donated to this fine cause. 

Should you be in the area, do stop in. Coffee is always brewing, browsing is encouraged, and the staff is amazingly talented and welcoming. And in the spirit of the giving season, perhaps you could find it in your heart to make a small donation to my signature charity, Susan G. Komen.

Holiday Treasures: Art for a good Cause, runs through January 30, 2011.