Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CALL TO ARTISTS: Please share your favorite painting tip

I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON AN ARTICLE that will feature Painting Pointers and Tips for artists. Would love to have you participate by passing along one of your faves. All media and artist levels welcome.
Please help me make this list an inspirational working tool for all artists:
1. Share your favorite painting tip. Be sure to include your name, media and website along with some background or anecdote about your discovery .
2. Tell a friend (or friends). Share a link to this site with fellow artists for their input.
3. Feel free to add your suggestions here and/or e-mail them to me at: theartworks@earthlink.net.
4. Follow my blog. I will publish periodic updates about this collaboration along with the publication date for the article.
HERE'S MY TIP: This was passed along by noted still life master painter and consummate teacher, Frank Arcuri.
When attempting to match a color in your set up, hold a a small mirror at arms length in front of you. Position it in such a way as to view your set up and canvas in the same frame. Still holding the mirror in one hand, with the other, lay down a stroke of mixed color on your canvas. You'll see right away if it is a good match. Really works!


cooper said...

Hi Louise, I got here through twitter---amazing! A tip, although, possibly many artists do this already. I find that underplaying values is one of the easiest mistakes to make, so at various times during a painting's "growth" I photo it, put it on the computer and use my photo program to black and white it. Sometimes it shows an error, sometimes it shows I'm on target. Happy day when the later wins out over the former!


Daniel Montoya said...

Great blog topic by the way!

Here is one of my favorite tips.

If working with oil paints instead of the traditional wooden palette - use a white watercolor box palette and cut a piece of glass to fit inside and then mix your colors on the glass.

Advantages of this method.

1. The white background makes it easier to see the color.

2. Cleaning dry paint of the glass surface with spatula is a breeze.

3. You can place the closed box with your oil color in the refrigerator when you are done painting and the oil paint will not dry overnight saving you work and the high expense of replacing dry paint!

Hope this helps.

Still life painting:


Diana said...

I got here through twitter as well. Great blog!
My two tips for working in acrylics:
put wax paper over white poster board for a dandy disposable palette
keep a spray bottle with water to wet palette