Monday, April 19, 2010

MADE (exclusively) for MOM: A painting of "A few of her favorite things."

It all began with a commissioned painting, entitled "A Few of My Favorite Things." The name was a natural, considering that my patron and I had made the rounds of her home together gathering treasures that reflected meaningful memories for her and her family.

Back at my studio, I composed a set up of these intriguing mementos and rounding out the composition with luscious plums to compliment the purple etched glass; delicate white orchids to offset the vintage cloth, I took some photos for my patron's approval.

After completing the commission, its title got me to thinking... "Why not do a collection of 'favorite   things?'" It also struck me as a beautiful and unique commemorative gift idea for any special occasion. And so... a series was born!

Mother's Day fast approaches... If you would like to thank mom this Mother's Day with a special painting of her "favorite things," please e-mail me for specifics. Mom will receive a personalized signed gift card explaining your intention to honor her with a beautiful painting, and together we will create a memorable keepsake for her and future generations to cherish and enjoy!.

Happy Mother's Day,


martinealison said...

Très belle peinture. Félicitations said...

Mom must love it, it is a beautiful painting.