Monday, August 2, 2010

TONY BENNETT: Coloring our World with Music and Art!

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Tony Bennett, the music man who has sustained a stellar recording and performing career for over 60 years. While music has always been in the forefront for this mega-star (Tony has garnered Emmys, Grammys and sold over 50 million records worldwide), a lifelong passion for art  has also been a mainstay.

As a teen growing up in Queens, NY,  Bennett studied at the School of Industrial Arts and since then,  despite the rigors of the music business and demands of being on the road, has painted or drawn every day. Says Bennett: "The World is Full of Beautiful Things," from the film Dr. Doolittle is one of my favorite songs and it is quite meaningful to me. I have seen many of those wondrous things and  joyously reproduced them on canvas."

Behind that trademark,  mega-watt smile and infectious charm, is a warm,  witty,  totally unassuming man--a generous humanitarian who is forging opportunities for budding artists through his founding and support of the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in his hometown Astoria. 
For the full story, check out the September issue of  The Artist's Magazine.  Hits the newsstands mid-August. 


Roger Pernick said...

Many tell me he looks like me!

Louise B. Hafesh said...

Now that you mention it Roger... he does!

Ruth Ann Greenberg said...

Tony's urbanscapes are terrific! Unlike other entertainers who pretend to be visual artists,Tony is
truly gifted and serious about his artwork.