Saturday, January 14, 2012

Master Class...

 Douglas Flynt goes in for a close up.
This past summer, I had the pleasure of attending a Douglas Flynt workshop at Grand Central Art Academy (GCA) in NYC and along with 13 other participants, explored classical techniques for painting still lifes.  

 Using a hand-held palette, Flynt showed
students how to mix color strings
A fellow student works on her still life
Flynt, whose  style is greatly influenced by the principles of order, structural clarity and plasticity, breaks down his process into manageable, defined stages that include: blocking in;  utilizing an oil transfer; creating a monochromatic underpainting and an Ébauche and premixing color strings, to name a few.

Set up and work in progress by Cynthia Farris, workshop participant 
For a step-by-step demo of the artist's technique and an in-depth overview of his workshop, check out my article, "Slow & Steady" in  The Artist's Magazine (March 2012.) Flynt's next GCA workshop is July 30 - August 10, 2012). 


martinealison said...

Une participation de cours qui me semble rempli d'intérêt... Merci pour cette jolie publication.
Gros bisous

R.L. Delight said...

I just read your article in The Artist Magazine. It is a wonderful glimpse into the workshop and Douglas Flynt. It was by far my favorite article in the issue. Thanks!

Louise B. Hafesh said...

Thank you, Martine and R.L.