Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just off the Easel

"BREAKFAST with SABRINA"  9 x 12 Oil on Linen
A presentation of my latest painting
 took place at Design Domaine Gallery,
 Bernardsville, New Jersey 

Just off the easel...  my latest commission through Design Domaine Gallery, which  is on its way home with my newest patrons.

Working from a treasured family photo of grandfather and granddaughter, I was inspired by the intensity and intimacy of the scene.

The real standout, though, was the beautiful stream of light that cut across the young girl's body, placing a glorious glow on her face before connecting with her grandfather's arm and side pocket then settling on a portion of the table. 'Twas both a joy and a challenge to paint!


Susan Roux said...

Wonderful piece. Your clients must be very pleased!

Louise B. Hafesh said...

Thank you, Susan. They are a wonderful couple and it was a pleasure to put their vision on canvas.